Project Description

The Pain Point of IFPD in Classroom

  • Because the surface of IFPD is glass, the product is usually equipped with a felt or plastic steel head. These two pens have less friction when writing on smooth glass, and their hand feel is very uncomfortable. They are far from being compared with chalk or whiteboard pens.
  • At present, the writing resolution of IFPD is low, and the written words are very unreal, which is far from the real handwriting of users. Even users can not believe that it is their own writing, and it is very ugly.
  • Because IFPD needs to play PPT, when playing PPT, it severely restricts the user’s writing area, often causing users to be unable to finish writing what they want on a page.
  • Because IFPD also takes on the function of computer display, users need to switch frequently between the display interface and the writing interface, resulting in tedious operation, dazzling students or audiences, resulting in inability to concentrate.
  • Because of the complex function and operation of the writing software of IFPD, unfamiliar users dare not write on IFPD at will. Even familiar users dare to write, there will be “looking for the toolbar to click”, rather than arbitrary operation

Interconnected board Solves the Pain Point of IFPD

The Interconnected board perfectly solves the aforementioned pain points of IFPD. It can not only be a good helper for teachers, but also allow business users to use IFPD at will.

1. The surface of the Interconnected board is the surface of the ordinary whiteboard pen, which is also written with a water-based pen. Therefore, the user’s experience effect is entirely real and fully conforms to the user’s habits for many years.

2. First of all, the user writes on the Interconnected board, not on IFPD. At the same time, the hardware of the Interconnected board is upgraded, firmware is upgraded, which can distinguish 2mm pens. At the same time, every touch point has the size of the pen. The writing software is also upgraded specially. The font simulated by the writing software is real and WYSIWYG.

3. The Interconnected board does not need to play PPT, but IPFD plays PPT, so the Interconnected board has enough space for users to write, even if not enough, it can be erased; moreover, the action of erasing can be recorded, and the written handwriting before and after erasing can be recorded completely.

4. Even when IPFD broadcasts PPT, the Interconnected board can also be written. It does not affect the operation of IPFD at all. They run in parallel, do not interfere with each other, and complement each other.

5. The operation of the Interconnected board software is simple. As long as the user swipes the card or scan QR code and logs in, the pen can be written, and the eraser can be erased. It is totally equivalent to the operation of the ordinary whiteboard. The user does not need to consider the software at all. At the same time, the software records all the operations of IPFD and the Interconnected board in real time in the background.


1. The Interconnected board can digitize the teaching content or conference content. It record user’s writing handwriting, and at the same time all operations of the IFPD (including the user’s voice) are recorded, furthermore can combine above two into one new video file, which completed the digitization.
Compared with other digital methods, the advantages of this method are: the video file which be formed is small, the hardware and software cost is cheap, especially because there is no camera, so the user will be very relax&natural.

2. The Interconnected board can also upload the class or meeting content to the tablet and mobile phone in real time, and the user can have class or conference remotely.

3. The digital content of the Interconnected board can be uploaded to the server as an educational resource. Students and other users can download it remotely afterwards.

4. Digitize all the teacher’s classroom content.

As long as there is a network, conference participants can use the mobile phone or tablet or computer to attend the conference at any time.

 The content of Interconnected board can be transmitted to the participants’ mobile phones or tablets and computers at any time.

Participants can mark the content of the meeting at any time on their mobile phones or tablets or computers.

After the meeting, the participants can take the contents of the meeting by scanning the QR code.