SINOEVIEW series interactive tablet creates a fluid and natural writing experience with unmatched infrared touch screen technology.

  • Education Products

Multi Interface Interactive Screen Display For Classrooms

Professional Interactive Screens For Education Interactive Monitor Displays,
Infrared Frame Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel , Interactive Whiteboard For Schools
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  • Business Products

Interactive Screens For Business

Smart Touch Screen Tv Monitor, 10 Points Interactive Displays,4 K Resolution Interactive Screens For Business Wall Mount Dual system.
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LinkGo Software

LinkGo is a useful assistant in modern classrooms that uses a mobile equipment to control computers and realize functions such as remote control

eClass Software

The world’s most user-friendly interactive touch software usability, ease of use and compatibility fully reflects the eClass Software profile industry-Oriented design features.

eClass App

Interactivity,Instant transfer, 50 users work as a team Interaction network, easy to communication,Online Resources
eClass App,Interest Classroom,Online Resources,

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  • Education Solutions

Recently, with scientific developing, the multi-media education has becoming more and more popular in world market, it has been widely used in military; financial; government, etc. Here is our tacteasy interactive application apply to various fields.
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  • Business Solutions

Tacteasy interactive whiteboard can be used in conference discussion, business training and advertisement announcement or the display and demonstration of products and resolutions.
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Tacteasy is the leading developer & manufacturer of educational equipments in China.
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To meet the high demands of our clients, we constantly work on developing and improving our products.
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High Quality

And as our boss with engineer background,we would like to pay high attention on goods quality.
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Due to the reliable quality and competitive price, the main market we exported is Europe countries, South America.

We Are Dedicated To Our Users & Product

Simply put, we thrive on making TACTEASY the most complete and trusted Multi-Touch Products on the market.

Advantages compared with other supplies?(hardware,software,after-sale service)
PCB board(environmental and anti-fire)
Tacteasy IR filter with good quality to keep other color lights from transmitting,good looking.Water-proof,Users can not see inside pcb board;but other company’s IR filter can have all color lights transmitted,in this way signal will be affected and writting effect is affected.
Many kinds of frame art to make sure quality and beauty(Oxidation brushed,paint,color can be black,white and gray)
Corner adopts ABS+PC material which is not easy to break, some poor quality corner is easy to break in air transportation and express.
Board surface choose nano technology
fluorocarbon paint and back side is 0.4mm thickness steel.
Thick aluminum frame, firmly protects internal PCB board and holds honeycomb board tightly and to form a entirety without vacillating.This contributes to products’ stableness ,generous massiness of appearance,and good qualitative feeling.
TACTEASY’s Board core adopts aluminum honeycomb we all know,honeycomb structure not only saves materials but also has high structural intensity, light weight and good sound insulation&heat insulation effect.It is widely used in aerospace materials.
There are three board surface for you to choose, no matter what kind of board surface you choose ,the evenness and longevity can be guaranteed because we adopt aluminum honeycomb core.Water ink pen writing is OK too.
TACTESY’s infrared filter adopt special special anti-interference powder material.This material only allows infrared light to transmit and other lights should beblocked.In this way infrared signal can be kept and anti-interference function is increasing.


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